Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat Management


Here at USFWC, we have a very diverse set of skills and services to assist you:

  • Quality Deer Management (QDM)

  • Wildlife and Wildlife Habitat Management

  • Buck Age Estimation from Trail Cam Pics

  • Jawbone Analysis of Tooth Wear & Replacement

  • Harvest, Census and Observation Data Analysis

  • Absentee Landowner and Lease Management

  • Hunting Property Layout

  • Food Plot Types & Design

Quality Deer Management (QDM)


       We whole-heartedly support the basic QDM standards of passing up all 1.5-year-old bucks, some 2.5-year-olds, and harvesting an adequate number of does, but we can also help implement additional levels of QDM and TDM to meet your management objectives. After a few years, you will have seen many bucks you are familiar with reach maturity. Overall, we have an approach to deer management that gives a buck sanctuary, optimal natural habitat nutrition, and protects them from harvest until they have become mature animals while setting up your property to maximize your chances for hunting success through intelligent habitat management as well as strategic food plot placement, sizing, and layout while trying to minimize the effects of other factors such as access, trespassing, poaching, neighbors, and natural processes.


Wildlife Habitat Management


       From game to non-game species, we have the experience and education to make your property into a wildlife mecca, or even reduce its attractiveness to help mitigate such things as wildlife damage to property.  Our basic thought process on improving any property is to fill the lowest hole in the bucket. With a diverse knowledge base and understanding of ecotypes across the nation, we have the ability to help in most any situation. Food, water, cover and space (yes, space) are all manageable aspects to help your desired wildlife species to thrive in the face of competition from undesirable competition by setting the odds in their favor. Intelligent habitat and 'wildscape' designs can produce results you previously thought were unimaginable.



Jawbone Analysis of Tooth Wear & Replacement


       As a basic service to our clients, we offer aging services for whitetail deer through jawbone analysis. Tooth wear and replacement, when examined by an experienced biologist that understands the subtle influences on wear patterns, can be an effective and consistent way to age your harvested animals. We also have a good relationship with a lab performing aging services by cementum annuli analysis for absolute confidence in aging.


Harvest, Census and Observation Data Analysis


       In any effective management program, data collection is essential in order to see trends in the wildlife populations. Even more essential is to have this data organized in a way that these trends are shown and understood. Without this organization and analysis, the data is not used to its full potential and your management plan has no measure of success as it is implemented. We have the knowledge and the know-how to analyze and translate this data for you so that it makes sense and lets you know how effective your strategy has become.



Absentee Landowner and Lease Management


       For absentee landowners and lessees, property management at a distance can be difficult. We can help you get all of your planned management implemented through the course of the year. Food plots, tree plantings, thinnings, hinge cutting projects, timber harvests and many more types of management projects can be planned and carried out by the USFWC team when you do not have the time to get it done yourself. For landowners wanting to add to their revenue stream, we also provide hunting land lease broker services, putting your land in front of those actively searching for land on which to hunt and getting it leased quickly by quality individuals.


Hunting Property Layout


       A great hunting property more than just meets the needs of the wildlife you are after, it meets their needs in a way that keeps them returning while minimizing their disturbance and maximizing your likelihood of success in harvest. Continued personal and client success shows our strategies work, especially on mature whitetail bucks. We combine our practical hunting knowledge with our intense understanding of biological concepts to put you in the best position possible for consistent success.


Food Plot Types & Design


       Typically, most property managers do not see the full picture or opportunity to control and/or promote wildlife movement through appropriate layout and design of food plots. There are countless types of plots and applicability depending upon the specific conditions in your situation. We can help with this plot layout and design to maximize usage and likelihood for success on your property. Our success proves our theories.