Here at USFWC, we have successfully worked with a variety of businesses, industry giants, private landowners, and government agencies to help our customers reach their land management objectives in the most efficient manner possible. From forestry, wildlife management, orchard management, utility vegetation management, urban forestry/arboriculture and other natural resource management issues, we have tackled it all.

Brian Beauchamp, C.E.O.


       Brian's professional and collegiate background is diverse. He earned an AA in Forestry/Wildlife Management and an AS in Biology from Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College as well as a Bachelor's in Forestry - Timber Management from Oklahoma State University. He has traversed the mountains of southeastern Oklahoma and dense pine plantations of southwest Arkansas as a timber cruiser, been involved in vegetation management for the electric utility industry, led an energy-efficient lighting company to viability and operated a forestry and wildlife consulting business that his taken him to many states. He has a love of nature that is unparalleled. This passion is what drives him to create and think forward for the benefit of wildlife and the people who take enjoyment from the resource. He also enjoys helping people on a personal level.




  • BS in Forestry (Timber Management)- Oklahoma State University

  • AA in Forestry & Wildlife - N.E.O. A&M College

  • AS in Biology - N.E.O. A&M College

  • Ouachita Society of American Foresters Outstanding Senior Forestry Student in 2005

  • Extensive background, experience, courses & training in wildlife management and management techniques

  • Experienced in wildfire suppression and prescribed burning

  • Mossy Oak Pro Staff Member

  • Zippo Outdoor Field Staff Member

  • Quality Deer Management Association Member

  • Experienced in Utility Forestry - Transmission, Distribution, Capital, and Storm Response

  • Urban Forestry Expert

  • Arboriculture Expert